A Selection of Artwork »

  • Graffiti Is Your Friend // T-shirt design for Properganda Clothing (2011)
  • Proud To Be A Thinker // T-shirt design for Properganda Clothing (2008)
  • Straight Outta Baltimore / Omar from The Wire // T-shirt design for Properganda Clothing (2011)
  • Bush Wept // Anti-Iraq war montage (2003)
  • Hollywood // T-shirt design for Properganda Clothing (2007)
  • Television exhibition // Online exhibition inspired by the artwork of John Yates (2002)
  • War & Commerce // Taken from the book "Globalisation and Other Cultural Catastrophes" (2001-2003)

If you would like to see more of our artwork please check out the following websites & resources »

Properganda.co.uk // All t-shirt designs are my own
Touring Arts Project // Artist's profile

Artwork »

My own artwork has appeared in magazines, on t-shirts and across the web and in select art galleries for over a decade now.

Decidedly counter-cultural and graphic in nature, the main outlet for this work has been t-shirt designs for the Properganda Clothing label, alongside assorted gallery shows, commissioned magazine work and street art paraphenalia like posters, paste-up's, stencils and stickers.

If you are interested in using any of my artwork in a gallery show, commissioning a piece of artwork for your magazine, clothing label or brand please contact me with the details.

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